Milan FW FMA

Taking you guys through with me on a little FMA today: I definitely had a great time, with my girl Jecky and her BF Nik (already missin‘ you, guys). Milan is for sure really beautiful, especially in the mornings (see this post) and besides that it is amazing for shopping (Via Monte Napoleone). I got myself a little something from Chanel (my new favorite necklace, which perfectly matches my other necklaces, you know I love to stack them!). The shows in Milan were pretty cool as well, as you have maybe already seen on my Snapchat or Jecky’s Instastories. However, it was pretty busy and stressful sometimes, but we tried to make little breaks, such as our visit at the Spa or breaks at restaurants. Well.. I can’t wait for the next fashionweek with my girl – and we decided to go to NY together next year, yay! xx, Anna