Comfy w/ Brax Fashion


Let’s be real, comfortable outfits are the best, aren’t they? Now between Berlin Fashion Week and packing my bags for Vienna (and for the other fashion weeks, that are coming so soon), it is very important for me to slow down a little and to feel good and comfortable in my clothes. For me this look is exactly what I am talking about. And you know how much I am into stripes, don’t you? I fell in love with  this blouse named Victoria by Brax the moment I saw it and the same holds true for the sweatpants (that you will get to see in another outfit post soon).Don’t get crazy about my shoe choice by the way, no reason to worry about me: I was outside for a couple minutes only, so I didn’t get sick or anything. But I just really love these baby blue fake fur slippers and they were matching my blouse so perfectly. Well, guys – it’s time for running some errands and packing my bags again. Have a great week! xx, Annalittlefashionfox-brax-comfy-2littlefashionfox-brax-comfy-5littlefashionfox-Brax-Comfy-4.JPGlittlefashionfox-Brax-Comfy-3.JPG

striped blouse: Victoria by Brax

sweatpants: Brax

coat: Zara (similar here)

belt: Gucci

shoes: Asos

bag: Chloé Faye

In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Brax (sponsored Post).

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