FMA through Vienna : my favorite places to visit

littlefashionfox-fma-wien-1Lucky me I got to spend another three days in beautiful Vienna at the beautiful hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna and again I totally fell in love with this city. Hence, I decided to share my favorite places in this follow me around post with you guys. And I promise, those are spots you really should not miss out on! My number 1 is the Albertina (an art museum in the city centre, located at Albertinaplatz 1). On their entrance platform you the best view, to see you it can also type it in at Google Streetview. By the way, here’s a little secret of mine: this is how I choose my shooting locations from at home, since most of them are not spontaneous decisions. My second highlight was the Spanish Riding School and again the place in front of it, which you can see above. Inside this building there are again lots of museums and places to visit. Number three were the parks and gardens in Vienna, e. g. the Botanical Garden, the Donaupark, the Herderpark, the Rathauspark, the Shakespeare Garden, the Stadtpark and many others. But I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking here. xx, Anna

talkabout Jacke in FelloptikConleys JackeMiss Selfridge - Kunstfelljacke in Blush - RosaODEON Felljacke, Fellimitat, Fake-Fur, boxy, extravagant, grünUnreal Fur - Pastorale - Jacke mit Farbverlauf - Rosa

littlefashionfox-fma-wien-2littlefashionfox-fma-wien-3wearing: blouse by Choice The Boutique  // Givenchy bag // Brax coat // Brax sweatpants *littlefashionfox-fma-wien-6wearing: Valentino bag // Asos booties // Zara Mom Jeans // blouse and coat by Brax *littlefashionfox-FMA-Wien-7.JPGlittlefashionfox-vienna-park-hyatt-hotel-review-five-star-wienlittlefashionfox-fma-wien-4littlefashionfox-FMA-Wien-5.JPGlittlefashionfox-fma-wien-8

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