Girlboss w/ Lookabe : tips for successful girl bosses


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To all the girls out there, you’re far more a boss than you might know. For today’s post I teamed up with Lookabe, a German online shop with incredibly cute statement clothing.  (There I also got my pink personalized bathrobe.) Talking about girl bosses, I would not only consider the self-employed ones but all strong women. Well… and with some tiny little tricks its even a little easier to be a boss.

1. Set your goals and create a list: one for the week, one for the month and one for the year. What do you wanna have achieved by the end of 2017? Where do you see yourself in a year? Making lists makes it a lot easier to focus on what’s important and it will help you to prioritize!

2. Beat frustration and focus on the positive things: All of us struggle and fail sometimes, but besides focusing on your actual aim, you should never forget about what you’ve already achieved.

3. Style your office like a boss: having the right workspace can increase your productivity like crazy! If you feel like a boss, you will work like one. Besides that having a pretty office will for sure make a great first impressions, don’t you think? Basically you can never go wrong with a clean style, white, black and silver. By the way, don’t forget about pretty stationary stuff and of course some guest amenities.

4. It’s all about volition: Well… sometimes aaaalll of us feel like we only wanna stay in bed and eat pizza all day long, that’s not what I am talking about. But always make sure to keep your volition and motivation on track. Work each day, because yes, slow progress is still better than no progress!

What are your personal girl boss tipps? And how do you like my new favorite hoodie? By the way, it’s so cozy on the inside!! xx, Anna


Girlboss sweater: Lookabe *

bomber jacket: Zara (similar here)

eyewear: Ray Ban

blouse: Brax

overknees: Asos

In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Lookabe (sponsored Post). All links are affiliate links.

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