Hotel Review: Washington Park Hotel South Beach Miami


Two years ago I left Florida and I swore to myself I wanted to come back and see Miami so soon. Now I am and it feels like I am having  the time of my life. Miami has turned out to be one of my favorite places in this world: so colorful, huge and crazy, yet so pretty. We have been staying at the beautiful Washington Park Hotel (Washington Avenue), which is really close to the Ocean Drive…Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-1Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-10Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-2.JPG


The location: The Washington Park Hotel South Beach is located really close to the famous Ocean Drive and the beach of course. Basically it is only a 4 minute walk… Besides that it isn’t far to the shops either: Victoria’s Secret, Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger are right around the corner.

The rooms: They are furnished in a really modern way, the beds are soo comfortable and their decor is totally on point, everything is very stylish and chic.

Their little front yards: The Washington Park Hotel’s frontyards are absolutely gorgeous, especially at night, because there are so many chains of lights. It just looks so magical!

The hotel’s design: Everything at the hotel was looking so cute… yellow-white sun umbrellas, baby blue and pink corners and of course palm trees everywhere. I was so in love!

The super friendly staff: The staff at the Washington Park Hotel is so extremely good-humored, cheerful, helpful and the service was excellent. We felt so at home.

The bike rental: I had always wanted to explore Miami Beach by bike. Guess what, the WPH has a bike rental and it’s free for hotel guests. Just saying, you definitely have to go on a bike ride when you’re in Miami.


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