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Two years ago I left Florida and I swore to myself I wanted to come back and see Miami so soon. Now I am and it feels like I am having  the time of my life. Miami has turned out to be one of my favorite places in this world: so colorful, huge and crazy, yet so pretty. We have been staying at the beautiful Washington Park Hotel (Washington Avenue), which is really close to the Ocean Drive…Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-1Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-10Littlefashionfox-WPH-Washington-Park-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Review-2.JPG


The location: The Washington Park Hotel South Beach is located really close to the famous Ocean Drive and the beach of course. Basically it is only a 4 minute walk… Besides that it isn’t far to the shops either: Victoria’s Secret, Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger are right around the corner.

The rooms: They are furnished in a really modern way, the beds are soo comfortable and their decor is totally on point, everything is very stylish and chic.

Their little front yards: The Washington Park Hotel’s frontyards are absolutely gorgeous, especially at night, because there are so many chains of lights. It just looks so magical!

The hotel’s design: Everything at the hotel was looking so cute… yellow-white sun umbrellas, baby blue and pink corners and of course palm trees everywhere. I was so in love!

The super friendly staff: The staff at the Washington Park Hotel is so extremely good-humored, cheerful, helpful and the service was excellent. We felt so at home.

The bike rental: I had always wanted to explore Miami Beach by bike. Guess what, the WPH has a bike rental and it’s free for hotel guests. Just saying, you definitely have to go on a bike ride when you’re in Miami.


16 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Washington Park Hotel South Beach Miami

  1. Liebe Anna,
    ich habe Fernweh, wenn ich mir deine Bilder auf dem Blog und Instagram so ansehe!
    Dein Trip nach Miami scheint rundum gelungen zu sein und das Hotel sieht typisch amerikanisch aus. Erinnert mich irgendwie an die Miami-Vice-Serie in den 80ern 🙂
    Allerliebste Grüße,

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