Interior Monday #26: my new home, home story part I


Guys, get prepared, for a short but very personal blogpost. But here are some things I kinda wanted to share with you… In the last two months a lot has changed in my life, basically since I have returned from the US. I really didn’t expect any of this but I could not be happier. Sometimes I catch myself staring into space, smiling and realizing how blessed I feel. Approximately one week after coming back home to Germany, I had an appointment with my real estate broker and honestly, I did not expect anything. I did not expect that I would madly fall in love with this apartment and with the most amazing view I have from two out of three rooms (that you cannot see in these pictures, but I swear it is just adorable). This apartment is just perfect. I could not feel more at home. Well.. I did not just fall in love with my apartment. And my new home is not the only change in my life, not the only thing I did not expect after coming back home to Germany. Everything happened so fast, I could hardly believe it. But I am happily taken. Might be another reason why I catch myself staring into space, smiling. xx, Anna

Muuto - Compose Sofa, 2-Sitzer, remix 123 / eicheKissen, Tom Tailor, »Small Squares« (1 Stück)Bloomingville Dekoration  Vase 1.0 stIMPRESSIONEN living Kuhfell, Naturprodukt, grauKoziol - Milano Zeitungsständer, weiß

Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW (H 43 cm), Ahorn gelblich / weiß, Filzgleiter weiß (Hartboden)Kartell - Louis Ghost, glasklarWesco Abfallsammler »KICKBOY«IMPRESSIONEN living Kuhfell, Naturprodukt, grauSmeg 2-Scheiben-Toaster TSF01BLEU, 950 Watt, schwarz
Bloomingville - Vorratsdosen mit Deckel H16 cm, weißKitchen Aid KitchenAid - Wasserkessel 1,9 l, onyx schwarzVitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW (H 43 cm), Ahorn gelblich / weiß, Filzgleiter weiß (Hartboden)Zeller Present Brotkasten »Bamboo«, mit Deckel, 42,5 x 23 x 13 cmSmeg 2-Scheiben-Toaster TSF01BLEU, 950 Watt, schwarz


15 thoughts on “Interior Monday #26: my new home, home story part I

  1. sooo happy for you my little girl! and can I move in please? Maus, sieht super aus bei dir! Entspricht total meinem Geschmack und es wird Zeit, dass wir uns mal wiedersehen <3

  2. Oh ich muss sagen, dass ich mich total für dich freue! Lese deinen Blog schon richtig lange und mag so persönliche Posts von dir super gern. Mehr davon!

    Liebe Grüße

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