Personal: My better half and me in Milan, a love declaration


I could hardly be any happier. Spending some quality time in Milan with my better half. I could hardly ask for anything more: somebody always being by your side, supporting you whenever it’s possible, someone you can laugh so hard with that it hurts, somebody you can trust completely and you can tell everything. Yes, I am talking about my best friend. This woman understands me without words, she can make me laugh within seconds and she is always completely honest with me (even if it’s not what I wanna hear). I’m the same with her (even if it’s not what she wants to hear). Being there for each other, taking care of each other, dreaming about our future with each other – walking through life side by side is what this friendship truly taught me. The man who is gonna get married to her one day is gonna be a really lucky one. 

0D5E88B1-B093-4989-9ACE-249CDC66F4C1.jpg18303F4F-5CAE-4A29-8298-4D18F189CDB6.jpgB47CAD70-D374-4055-867C-3C24C785120D.jpgA334EF43-8BF0-4DD3-8FFB-8FB423AFF6C9.jpgBD50F619-84C2-4216-9903-D490FFB31515.jpgD9E9C4FE-238F-4ED9-9435-B42D45685580.jpgC3A873C0-57D8-44CA-B08A-BE66C38D5054.jpgDFEC0D8B-0A09-447E-9A1A-D284403B22B1.jpgIMG_4093.JPGGirl, I love you! Thank you for everything, thank you for being my best friend.

14 thoughts on “Personal: My better half and me in Milan, a love declaration

  1. Ein wunderschönes Outfit trägst du da! Ich liebe deinen Mantel, einen ganz ähnlichen suche ich gerade. Mailand ist eine tolle Stadt, hoffentlich schaffe ich es auch bald mal wieder dorthin.
    Liebe Grüße ♡Kristina

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