MILAN TRAVEL GUIDE: where to eat, drink & shop OR 1000 reasons why Milan is the next destination on your bucket list


This is my third time in Milan, each time I stayed for a couple days, sometimes even for almost a week, which is kind of quite long for a city trip but I really love this one a lot. Now it’s time to draw a really good resumé: where to find the best food, the best pasta, ice cream or sushi, the prettiest place to eat, which sights are worth being seen, how to avoid lines at sights and attractions, where to shop… This time in Milan was simply insane. My best friend and I, eating, going out – having the time of our lives in Milan.



You might not expect this but Milan is one of the best cities for food! Here I had the best ice cream in the entire universe as well as the best sushi. Here are the addresses which are a complete must!


When I was in Milan for the first time, I went there and could not forget this amazing sushi (Brazilian sushi btw). Back then I had already decided to come back pretty soon. It took me a year – but I’m finally back, for the best sushi, which is also the prettiest by the way. They serve it with flowers and even for vegetarians (like me) there are some nice options. Address: Copacabana Temakeria, Via Cesare Cesariano 14, 20154 Milano.


The world’s craziest ice cream with tons of Nutella, milk chocolate and cookies. You need to try this! It’s a huge reason to come to this city. Address: Via Edmondo de Amicis 25, 20123 Milano.


There are several Obica restaurants in Milan but the one at Rinascente is probably the nicest, because it has a super beautiful view right at the Duomo and you can sit outside right next to the Duomo terraces. I can definitely recommend the Ravioli and the Lasagne! Address: La Rinascente. Via Santa Radegonda 1, 20121 Milano.


Honestly, I guess, I have visited this place about 20 times by now, have had coffee, avocado toast, waffles, baguette and sweets. The best about it is that you can find it almost everywhere in the city. Besides that the food is absolutely affordable (about … bucks for breakfast). You can find Panini Durini for example here: Via Durini, 26 or Via Giuseppe Mengoni, 4.


We discovered this place by accident while strolling around at the canals (Naviglio Grande). Basically we only stopped by because this restaurant was so crowded (and as we all know crowded restaurants are the best). We had the most amazing dinner with a super pretty view at the canal, drank some Aperol and the pasta was just insane, so good! We can definitely recommend the pasta with mozzarella, olives and tomatoes and the one with parmesan cheese. Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 24-34, 20144 Milano. 


Milan is a crazy place for shopping. You can splurge like hell, as in any other big shopping destination. BUT you can also save. Milan has one of the coolest second hand designer stores I have ever seen and you can also find some really pretty boutiques. You definitely have to pay the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II a visit (touri kind of shopping) and for second hand shopping: Via Sacchi, 3 ; Via Brera 2 or Via Cappellari, 3. 


Basically the are two sights you absolutely need to see, so make sure to take time to do the following: Firstly, you need to see the terraces of the Duomo but because you do not want to wait and spend a whole morning in the line (obviously), you should buy the tickets one day earlier. The best time to get tickets (there are also some elevator tickets for all the lazy ones who do not want to take the stairs) is in the early evening. The ticket office closes around 6 and you should probably be in line by 5 o’clock. The Dome terraces open at 9 in the morning. If you’re the early bird, I promise there won’t be a long line. And the view at the terraces will be worth getting up so early! Second – you need to see the canals (Naviglio Grande). We walked there and from our hotel it was about 45 minutes but it was really relaxed and after having arrived we almost felt like in Venice. For eating at Naviglio Grande, check out Luca e Andrea!

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  1. Mailand, da will ich auch unbedingt noch hin.
    Danke für Deine tollen Bilder und Tipps.
    Da kann ja auch bei einem Erstbesuch nix mehr schiefgehen.
    Hab einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebste Grüße,

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