8 things Vienna and the ParkHyatt Vienna will surprise you with


Today I landed in Germany and I am kind of pretty sad to be back home, since I had to leave this uber beautiful place (called Park Hyatt Vienna)… I will be back, for sure. When I stayed there one year ago, I already knew that I wanted to come back as soon as possible. Guys, this is a recommendation from the bottom of my heart. Put this hotel on your bucket list. Put Vienna on your bucket list. Here is WHY.

1. The absolutely incredible spa at the Park Hyatt Vienna:

This hotel used to be a bank before it got turned into a hotel. Their Arany Spa used to be their vault, which is still kind of visible, since the tiles on the ground of the swimming pool look like gold bars and their impressive walls are absolutely huge. If somebody would ask me about my personal places to relax and calm down, this would definitely be one of them, actually even my favorite one. Their staff is more than friendly and this place is definitely uber beautiful. Don’t miss out on this and definitely put it on your ‚places-to-visit-bucket list‘.


2. The breakfast at the Park Hyatt:

As you might know, I had already been there before, so I knew what to expect. My boyfriend, who traveled with me, usually doesn’t eat breakfast (annotation: weird to me) and I felt like he could not really feel my excitement about my favorite meal of the day before we came to Vienna. What shall I say? You should have seen it. It was way too cute and precious how excited he got about these truffled scrambled eggs for breakfast. I am serious, guys: this is the WORLD’S BEST BREAKFAST. I love food, I love breakfast and I love to try new breakfast places but by now I haven’t found anything better than this.


3. A new level of being friendly:

Something I basically only know from Irish people BUT people from Vienna are just as friendly. Us Germans really have to learn that ;).

4. The Butterfly House in Vienna:

It is not far from the hotel at all and not expensive, either. Holding a butterly in my hand was one of my happiest moments, honestly! I would do it over and over again. They are so tiny and just so beautiful! Make sure you  take time to visit this absolutely adorable place. Find out more about it here.


5. Vienna during Christmas time:

A lot of cities are absolutely gorgeous during Christmas time, like London, Amsterdam or Paris, but make sure not to underestimate Vienna during Christmas time (and also in January). You can find super beautiful lights everywhere, especially in the shopping district pretty close to the Park Hyatt all streets look adorable.


6. How much a hotel can feel like home:

Sure, a lot of places are pretty and nicely furnished. But I promise, this one is different. Actually it was one of very few hotels where I immediately felt at home, because the atmosphere, all the kindness of the people working there and of course the beauty of this place simply made me wanna stay. Everything feels so warm and jovial!littlefashionfox-park-hyatt-vienna-hotel-spa-7.jpglittlefashionfox-park-hyatt-vienna-hotel-spa-9littlefashionfox-park-hyatt-vienna-hotel-spa-5

7. The bar and the really entertaining and super friendly barkeepers at the Park Hyatt:

I am usually not the biggest fan of bars, to be honest. The one at the Park Hyatt Vienna (called The Bank Brasserie and Bar) is a complete exeption though. Not just their concept completely convinced me (drinks are called The Secretary, The Broker or The Casher and they are more than good!), but also their design (everything is copper and definitely super stylish) and most important, the barkeepers who are funny, entertaining and friendly from the bottom of their hearts. We had absolutely wonderful and fun evenings over there and definitely found some new friends. By the way, if you want to find out more about THE BANK, you can do that here.


8. One last tipp:

When you’re at the Park Hyatt, make use of the room service and order french fries with truffle mayo. They are the BEST EVER. I miss them already.



In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit dem Park Hyatt Vienna (sponsored Post).

8 thoughts on “8 things Vienna and the ParkHyatt Vienna will surprise you with

  1. Ich möchte unbedingt mal wieder nach Wien! Das letzte Mal ist leider viel zu lange her und war leider auch nur beruflich, sodass Sightseeing und Genießen viel zu kurz gekommen sind. Besonders das Schmetterlingshaus würde mich interessieren.

  2. Oh wow sieht das toll aus! Ich hätte da auch sicher gar nicht mehr weg gewollt und kann wirklich nachvollziehen, warum du so von dem Frühstück schwärmst. Auch deine Snaps bei Instagram sahen einfach so toll aus!

    Viele Grüße,

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