We all know that we are living in times that are fast, where things change quickly and where everything has become digital: digital photo albums, digital messages and even digital love letters (maybe even ‚just‘ via WhatsApp?). Handwritten texts have become rare and special but to me they are more important than ever. Why?

Because writing love letters is personal. What’s app isn’t. Text messages on phones aren’t. (Virtual) love and kindness could never be as good.  Handwriting is personal. Because it simply means that somebody you love took the time to grab a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down their thoughts for you. Just because they wanted you to know, just because they wanted to show you what they feel for you and just because they wanted to make you happy. I love that. I love handwriting. And I love handwritten letters. It says so much about people. Handwritten letters are something that lasts. A love letter is something you keep – while your WhatsApp messages may only survive until you get your next phone.

What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy.

Us humans love convenience – and being lazy is quite okay. For everyday life emails and WhatsApp messages are quite perfect and they also work wonderfully for showing appreciation. (By they way, I hate it when sweet messages get lost. So I always mark my personal favorite messages my boyfriend sends me on WhatsApp – I guess you know that star feature the app has). But talking about messages that should not get lost: from time to time we should simply show each other what we mean to each other. And it doesn’t take much to do that, it’s so simple, yet so effective. I means so much to me if somebody leaves a personal, handwritten note for me. Just because then you know, they took the time for you, they grabbed a pen and wrote down what they feel.

We all know, Valentines Day is coming up – hence, I teamed up with Lamy to say: writing love letters is important! So grab a pen and write a letter. For Valentines Day Lamy has launched the Al-Star Vibrant Pink which was the one I wrote this year’s Valentines letters with. Well, I hope, you guys will have a happy Valentines Day! xx, Anna


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Lamy (sponsored Post).



9 thoughts on “#loveletterswithLamy

  1. Die Bilder sind wunderschön und ich sehe das genau wie du. Handgeschriebene Briefe sind viel persönlicher und extrem wichtig.

    Viele liebe Grüße,

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