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Anzeige: Basically this was my second time in Miami – and as you always do when you have already visited a place – I believed I knew what to expect. The time before I had not been to Coral Gables though, neither to the Biltmore Hotel. When we took an Uber from Miami Downtown to Coral Gables, this view onto their driveway simply blew me away. The Biltmore is definitely a pretty impressive building – but there is way more to it. It was one of my favorite hotel stays ever – and here is why…

What I loved about the Biltmore Hotel

  • The people: meaning the staff. To be honest, we kind of even felt like being hosted by friends: Josef, José and all the others, who were so incredibly kind, kept joking around and made us feel so welcome all the time. All of them are wonderful people with great stories to tell! It was really sad to leave them but we have already promised to come back.
  • The Fontana. We loved this place, meaning one of the Biltmore’s restaurants, for three things: its really good food (breakfast as well as dinner were just incredibly delicious), its pretty appearance (seriously, with all these palm trees, tiles and this fountain the Fontana looks like a Riad in Morocco) as well as this incredible and adorable atmosphere it has, especially at night. However, I loved going to this place for a lot more reasons, such as all the little birds that you can find over there.
  • Their pool. Long story short: it just makes you wanna jump in!
  • The view you have from the hotel: it totally feels like you can overlook whole Miami, especially when you climb up their tower. This is just beautiful!
  • Their golf course. I have to admit that I don’t really care for golfing but staying there for longer I would definitely try – simply because this golf course looks so pretty. Chris was totally into it – and seeing it he even seemed like wanting to become a professional golfer. 😉
  • The Biltmore’s lobby: one of the most beautiful entrance halls I have seen so far – and I should definitely add that it smells so so good! Best room fragrance ever!
  • The room. This bed was so comfortable that we really did not want to leave it in the morning (so it was pretty good that we could watch the sunrise from the bed). Besides that they have the most amazing mini (candy) bars in their rooms which I quite liked since I have a sweet tooth.

Knowing it is considered one of the Leading Hotels of the World I should probably have known what to expect. It still had not believed it could be this beautiful though! As I have already told you guys on social media – we miss this place so much and we will definitely come back soon. So if you want to go to Miami, put the Biltmore on your bucket list, it’s worth it. By the way, here’s a fun fact: we missed president Bill Clinton who stayed at the hotel a couple days before we arrived… xx, Anna

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  1. Das sieht einfach wunderschön aus, hatte es schon bei Instagram gesehen und kann gut verstehen dass ihr unbedingt wieder hinwollt.

    Liebste Grüße

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