Effortless w/ Braxfashion


Anzeige: There’s no season I love as much as spring (of course summer comes right afterwards in the ranking) but spring is just so beautiful with all these blooming cherry trees that you can spot everywhere in Aachen. Not to forget, I might also love this season so much because of my birthday… Well.. however, for spring I truly love to dress casually: stripes, denim, blue, black or white (that is basically my current favorite outfit mix right now). This pretty white jeans jacket by Brax* is slightly oversized which makes it just perfect in my opinion and it goes so well with a simple pair of jeans, shorts or a denim skirt. Definitely a staple piece! Now getting ready for a birthday weekend in Hamburg. Can’t wait! xx, Anna

Littlefashionfox-Brax-Braxfashion-Feelgood-Aachen3.jpegLittlefashionfox-Brax-Braxfashion-Feelgood-Aachen2.JPGLittlefashionfox-Brax-Braxfashion-Feelgood-Aachen4.jpegLittlefashionfox-Brax-Braxfashion-Feelgood-Aachen5.jpegdenim jacket: Brax* // shirt: Brax* // bag: Givenchy // boots: Zara // skirt: Zara


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