Hotel Review Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort


Anzeige: I just came back home from beautiful Italy and from of the most special hotels and spas I have been to so far: The Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort. the  By the way, did you know that the word spa is a Latin shortcut (salus per aquam) meaning health by water? Another fun fact: Did you know that I always wanted to study Latin or Roman Myths and that I still regret that I haven’t done that? Well.. let’s get back to this very special place though, since I wanna share all my highlights with you…

What I loved about the Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort


The atmosphere at the hotel: to be honest, the atmosphere at this place was absolutely unique to me and it made me feel so incredibly good. Why? Simply because this place kind of forces you to relax (in a really positive way), since it seems so perfect for this purpose that it’ll be impossible to resist. If you feel like relaxing would be something you need to do, this will be your perfect place – and I am saying this as a workaholic who usually isn’t able to relax at all.

The rooms: Italian flair at its best with the mooost comfortable beds! I slept like a baby at the Terme di Saturnia! By the way the 128 rooms and suites are pretty spacious – with a little walk-in-closet – and the marble bathrooms are absolutely beautiful, too.

The pool which is not just a pool: I tried to explain this on Insta-Stories earlier, but actually this pool at the hotel is from a natural well which comes from a krater thousands of years old. Hence, the water is pretty special (not to forget perfectly warm: 37,5 degrees Celsius) and its hydrogen sulfide can help with cardiovascular disease or many other ailments.

The breakfast situation: Seriously, you will find everything you might wanna have at the Terme di Saturnia. The best croissants, super fresh fruit, fresh juice, scrambled eggs and so much more. Besides that the breakfast view is absolutely insane, since you can sit directly by the pool. This is definitely breakfast goals and one of the most beautiful places to enjoy your morning.

The truffle pasta and the macarons: Heaven! Everything at their restaurant was incredibly good but the truffle pasta was definitely my favorite. Talking about favorites I gotta list their macarons! I always love macarons but I would even go so far and say they’re the best I have ever had.

The spa at the Terme di Saturnia: They have the biggest spa area I have ever seen and they are also pretty famous for their spa. I had a facial over there (which was actually my first one ever) but I loooved it so much. It was incredibly relaxing and my skin felt so soft afterwards. You can find out more about their spa here.

The area around the hotel: The Tuscan nature over there is just so beautiful! They have this beautiful natural well – its water is truly blue – and these pretty Tuscan graveyard cypresses which make everything look so Mediterranean. But right now I really want to let the pictures speak. xx, Anna


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hotel Terme Di Saturnia (sponsored Post).

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