Kaffee braucht keinen Dresscode w/ NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto


Anzeige: This blogpost is gonna be a little different, guys. A little more honest. A little less perfect.

And to be honest, the last couple weeks have been quite hard. Basically I would describe myself as a very positive person but I can’t even remember any time where I had this much on my plate. Besides a lot of work (yes, I love my work but that does not make it any less) there were some strokes of fate in my family that hit me really hard. Well.. My grandma used to be an incredibly important person to me. And my favorite moments with her were our breakfast  and coffee mornings. We sipped coffee, ate scrambled eggs and talked about life – boys – school – whatever. After these mornings I felt stronger, I felt better and all the catastrophes around me were a little less terrible. These mornings were little breaks from life, it was almost like life had a pause button. And I miss her, since she passed away only some weeks ago. I miss those mornings with her.

Well.. some of you have been wondering and also asking why I traveled less lately. Within all the chaos, the work and everything that had been going on, Chris also moved to a new apartment (we’re almost neighbours). His new flat is gorgeous – but hell, this was quite a lot of work! And guess what: again my pause button NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee moments in the mornings (and sometimes also in the afternoon or evening) helped me so much. I am convinced that all of us need those little moments of rest – sometimes with others and sometimes just for ourselves. They can be totally imperfect – you can wear old oversized tshirts for moving and painting walls – or simply pyjamas like in the kitchen with my grandma – ‚cause coffee doesn’t need a dresscode.

This is exactly why I love this new „Coffee doesn’t need a dresscode“ campaign by dolce-gusto.de. / @dolcegusto_germany


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Nescafé Dolce Gusto (sponsored Post).

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