Interior Monday: my new couch w/ MYCS


Anzeige: It’s time for an interior update! So many of you have already asked for this and I have to admit that I had a lot of fun taking these pictures, since I am so incredibly in love with these latest additions to my living-room, which I found at MYCS. As most of you will know, this dream of a marble table got delivered not too long ago. When I received my new couch and sideboard last week (I will also write a detailed blogpost about that sideboard), I could hardly believe it: my living-room had turned out the exact same way I had always wanted it to be. I am such a fan of this white, beige, marble and gold combo, since it is not too colorful but looks really warm and cozy. Well.. to be honest, I am very picky with interior but the MYCS website made it pretty easy for me because you can simply design all kinds of furniture by yourself, pick the sizes, colors, customize everything (even the legs!) and the quality is truly amazing. I chose oak tree legs and light beige fabric, cause this combo looks stylish yet warm to me.  By the way, my couch is named TYME, my marble table is named SYDE and this sideboard is named GRYD. What do you guys think? xx Anna


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit MYCS (sponsored Post).

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