Interior Monday w/ MYCS : my new sideboard GRYD


Anzeige: I am happy to be able to show you the second part of my new living-room. One of my favorite pieces in it is the customized sideboard by MYCS which is named GRYD. As I have already told you, all of their furniture can be designed and customized individually (as also my marble table and my couch which I have already posted before). For my sideboard I wanted something narrower than what I had before – and it was absolutely no problem! Besides that I wanted the same oak tree legs as I have on my couch, because I love it when everything matches. Aren’t they so pretty?  By the way, at Mycs you can even determine their shape! Well.. needless to say that I LOVE white interior so it had to be white. Right now, I would say I am almost done furnishing this room and I could not be any happier with the result: all I still need is a golden bow lamp and maybe a new plant. What do you guys think? And how do you like my new MYCS sideboard? xx. Anna


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit MYCS (sponsored Post).

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