Anzeige: Honestly, I have been waiting for this day FOR SO LONG. The last couple years it has been something I truly wanted to do… and in the beginning it was rather an abstract idea which became more and more concrete, until I finally came to a point where I decided to go for that dream of mine. This might sound pretty simple – but actually it was the most demanding thing I have done in my entire life so far.

I remember an afternoon with my mom talking about this and that and sipping my favorite Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato. During our conversation it kind of happened that I made the final decision to give all of this – meaning the dream I was talking about – a try. I finished my coffee and for a second I was on cloud nine thinking about my future office and everyday work life (this might already give you a little hint what they big news might be). Let’s be real – I had absolutely NO CLUE what to expect.

I had no idea how hard the next couple months would be and how much I would even struggle sometimes, how stressful each and every day would become (including most weekends) writing a business plan, finding the right notary and lawyers, making plans with my graphic designer to find the perfect corporate design – as well as my looking after my first clients (maybe now you can already guess what dream I am talking about).



What helped me through this time was of course my family, friends and the most supportive boyfriend one could wish for – as well as little breaks with small moments all for myself trying not to loose my mind – having coffee and relax. Actually these coffee moments became my favorite habit – in the mornings I was making my organisation list for the day, drinking my favorite morning coffee, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s Lungo, taking some time for myself to get all the energy that I needed.

In the afternoons when I got a little tired, I had one of these extra strong Espressos (as some of you might already know I truly love the Peru from the Absolute Origins Collection because it also tastes pretty exciting and has aromas of subtle pink pepper, liquorice and blackcurrant buds – major recommendation!). They kick so perfectly, so I finished my workload and got more and more excited to finally be able to reveal everything.

Now I am beyond grateful, super happy and probably also crazily excited to announce that I am the owner of a PR agency (PINCH ME!) named GOLD CONTENT. And of course, you will see lots of stuff from us. I cannot wait to share everything with you! xx, Anna

In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Nescafé Dolce Gusto (sponsored Post).

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