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Anzeige: Our first stop in Bali was the Hard Rock Hotel – and we could not have had a warmer welcome on the island. Chris and I had the best time in this pretty hotel – so I really wanted to share my personal highlights with you.

  • The pool which is not just a pool: This pool is probably the biggest and craziest I have ever seen in my entire life: they have lots of cabanas around it, a bar INSIDE the pool, slides, a kids‘ pool with everything you can imagine… The water is perfectly warm and the entire pool Looks absolutely special with all these Balinese statues and fountains.
  • The staff: to be honest, we kind of even felt like being hosted by friends: everyone was so incredibly kind, kept joking around and made us feel so welcome all the time. They did everything to make us feel comfortable and we definitely loved staying at the Hardrock Bali!
  • The room: The rooms were freshly renovated and looked so modern. They also have the prettiest bathrooms with super big showers (you can even sit in the shower!).
  • The beds at the hotel. We slept like a baby. Disadvantage: Chris and I really didn’t want to leave the bed in the morning.
  • The decor and the whole design: everything was furnished and decorated so beautifully: the hotel rooms, the entire hotel area, the pool – you could always find this pretty Balinesian touch  – there are flowers, statues and beautiful plants wherever you look!

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