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Anzeige: When I travel, I always only take a few beauty products because I try to travel as light as possible. Hence, the ones I am taking with me, need to be super effective – they have to be the ones that make me feel a lot more relaxed and my skin feel super fresh. Today I am sharing my current travel favorites by Annemarie Börlind with you guys – they are little SOS helpers on planes, in hotels with air conditions and also when my skin has gotten a lot of sun…



My all time favorite – FOREVER. These hyaluron eyepads by Annemarie Börlind are truly magical and help so well when you didn’t get much sleep on a long day of traveling. They immediately make the face look fresher and eyebags almost disappear. I use them at home, too but on an airplane they are a SOS beauty secret. To be honest, even my boyfriend steals them sometimes because they help so well…

IMG-1066 (1).JPG



My hands always get dry so easily so I really need to take care of them, especially with using a lot of hand sanetizer on planes, my skin gets rough. Besides I also feel like it is very important to take care of my hands with all this sunshine. This vegan anti aging hand Lotion by Annemarie Börlind uses jojoba oil and shea butter to protect and to nourish the skin. It’s also paraben free – and it smells really good!IMG-1067.JPG


This hydro booster can simply be used on face and neck. I always use it on the airplane after removing my makeup as well as before go to bed. Especially with air condition and after a day in the sun it helps my skin to stay fresh and not to get dry. By the way, the size of this booster is perfect for traveling, too. It easily fits into every make up case. Really cool fact about the hydro booster: it is completely vegan and no parabens are used! So… have you tried these beauty favorites yet? xx from Bali, Anna


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