Hotel Review: Jamahal Private Resort & Spa Bali

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Anzeige: We just came back from Bali – and I already miss it SO MUCH. We had the best time ever and I can promise you that I will keep spamming with Bali content for a little while. Both Chris and I fell for this beautiful island and one of our highlights was truly the time at the Jamahal Private Resort & Spa. I feel like the pictures can speak best for themselves. However, I wanted to share the things with you that I loved most about the hotel.


How private it really is: This was truly the most idyllic place we found in Bali. The hotel is super quiet and everyone has their own little (or ever pretty big) villa. This extreme privacy and silence gives you the opportunity to really calm down and relax. Even breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in your own villa which gives you the possibility to enjoy it in a wonderfully private setting.

The flower bath: Can someone pinch me, please? Was this even real??!

The incredibly friendly staff: I have never experienced such hospitality. Everybody treated us like friends, answered our questions very patiently, helped us wherever they could, made us feel so at home and surprised us so many times. We even had the most beautiful candle light dinner.

The food: I do not even know where to start. They serve the most amazing breakfast (the pancakes are a dream!) and the lunch and dinner were just as wonderful.

The main pool: Hard to describe this place accurately: a waterfall, a huge pool and an incredible atmosphere – I miss it so much!

Each individual villa: Each of their villas is furnished uniquely and looks a little different. Some of them have a jacuzzi, a pool, a pond or even both. We stayed at the Cempaka (a garden suite villa) as well as one of the pool spa villas. Both were incredibly adorable – with lots of beautiful details, are very comfortable bed and the prettiest bath tubs ever.

Our candle light dinner: I mentioned it before but I swear, this experience was definitely worth being mentioned twice. The Jamahal usually offers this for honeymooners but we were so lucky to have a really special evening with their wonderful candle light dinner: outside by our pool. I guess I will dream of this forever!

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