Good Morning, guys! As you might have seen on my Instagram, I just came back from a wonderful trip to the ocean – more precisely to a pretty hotel in Travemünde, close to Lübeck. We truly had a relaxed time over there and I really had the chance to recharge my batteries. Hence, I wanted to share my personal highlights about the Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde with you…


Their beds: Heaven, I literally slept like a baby – went to bed at 11 and woke up at 7:30 without waking up once at night, feeling super fresh. Can’t describe how much I love that feeling!

The cooking class: We had such a wonderful cooking class at the Baltic View`s kitchen, where we learned so much. Sascha Hamp, their cook, and his colleagues taught us how to open mussels, how to cook the most amazing starters and main course but in such a patient but also super funny way. By the way, the Baltic View, the Atlantic Grand Hotel’s restaurant, has the most amazing ocean view, with which we enjoyed our dinner. None of us seemed like they wanted to leave this pretty dinner place, which might be the reason why we stayed until 12 o’clock at night.

The location: The Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde is located super super close to the ocean. They also have a lot of rooms overlooking the beach and the sea and you can even see the ocean from their restaurant or their breakfast place. So dreamy!

Their rooms: The hotel’s rooms looked so cute and pretty. Especially the maisonette style was truly a thing I adored. Downstairs you have a pretty bathroom as well as a small living-room and upstairs you can find a desk and a super big and comfortable bed and a flatscreen.

The hotel’s staff: I have hardly ever met a crew this friendly! Everyone we met was always super friendly, helpful and always spreading joy!

Their breakfast hall: you can surely call it a hall – the Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde has such a big breakfast offer that clearly includes everything one might crave: fresh orange juice, croissants, all kinds of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, all kinds of bread, vegetables and so much more!

Their shuttles: I might not look like that but I am definitely a fan of pretty cars and theirs truly made me get a major crush. The hotel has their own Mercedes shuttles with TVs in the back and the MOST comfortable seats ever.


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