My time in Suzhou


Anzeige: As you might know, it’s been my first time in China and actually I was super excited and even a little nervous before the trip. Hence, I was incredibly happy to be traveling around with Chinatours because it made me feel a lot safer. They took care of the entire organisation and even helped us with the visa application which is necessary for China, they booked all of our hotels, flights and always organized a German tour guide for each of our stops. BUT – I also need to say that China in general was very safe – and I would definitely return as a single female traveler. The only thing one could struggle with is the language since a lot of Chinese people do not speak English which is why I was pretty glad that we always had a our Chinatours tour guides who were so kind and cheerful…



Our first stop was Suzhou which is only an hour away from Shanghai. Let’s be completely honest: I had not heard from Suzhou before. But I should have. And you guys should also keep it in mind for your trip to China – cause it’s such a dream! They have China’s most beautiful garden (I am not exaggerating, it was actually rated China’s prettiest garden and it’s named the Humble Administrator’s Garden). Make sure to book this visit at the garden in advance because otherwise you will not be able to enter – and bring your passport!


Besides that the city of Suzhou has a scenery that really amazed me – old and traditional Chinese buildings meet crazily modern, fancy architecture and everything is embedded in the most beautiful surrounding of nature. Furthemore they have all these small traditional red bridges that I only knew from movies – you can spot them everywhere and combined with the modern skyline it makes such a beautiful picture!


We had the warmest welcome ever at the Garden Hotel in Suzhou. The 5 star hotel (be careful, there are two different Garden Hotels in the city but only one of them has 5 stars) definitely looks like a beautiful Chinese garden with little bridges. pagodas, lots of bamboo and banana plants. The rooms are adorable and leave nothing to be desired: super comfortable beds, a huge shower and a bath tub, beautiful traditional interior and a huge breakfast with European and Chinese dishes.


Not far from Suzhou you can find this absolutely ADORABLE water city. I swear, you won’t regret putting this on your bucket list. It’s wonderful for making little boat tours and strolling through their streets – you will spot gorgeous details everywhere – and the people are (just as in Suzhou) wonderfully friendly and helpful. It really feels like the Asian Venice but nicer and cleaner than Venice to be honest.


I can already promise that this will be a completely (positively) overwhelming shopping experience for you. This mall we went to is not just a mall but merely a huge bookstore  named Chengpin Eslite that also has hundreds of restaurants and cafés as well as all kinds of little boutiques with jewelry, fashion, technical gadgets, beauty products and everything else you could probably think of: they literally have everything and you could spend days in this mall. But the best thing is: you will discover so many new brands because they simply have completely different brands than the ones you usually know from Europe. Besides that – everything is again super nice and clean.

I really fell in love with Suzhou and I will for sure come back soon! xx, Anna

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