Talking about mindfulness w/ Lamy: 6 things to write down daily that make you happier



Anzeige: Within the last year a lot of things have changed for me – not so much on the outside but merely on the inside. Ever since I started my PR agency Gold Content, I have a lot less time which means I need to use the free time I have in a better and more mindful way. I have also realized that my priorities have changed a lot. In today’s post with LAMY and their beautiful LAMY studio in Aquamarine I would love to share something with you guys that I do on a daily basis – something that makes me happier, that gives me a better focus and that helps me to always keep my priorities in mind.

6 things to write down daily that make you happier

It may sound so easy – and actually it is. Still, it makes such a big difference. I am talking about a habit I have developed for each morning and each evening. Every morning I take some minutes for myself, drink my coffee and answer three simple questions/things:

What am I thankful for? (Three things).

How can I make this day a beautiful one?

A little self-confirmation for the day.

The first question helps you to appreciate what you have and to become truly happy with what and whom you already have in your life. The second one helps you to get the right focus and to realize that it’s up to you to make this day beautiful. The third one helps you to appreciate yourself. It really does not take long but I love these three minutes every morning. It’s me time that I take for myself, with my coffee, my little diary and my favorite LAMY studio in Aquamarine. By the way, isn’t the color so pretty?

Every evening I do the same, yet with different questions that help me to reflect on the day:

Name one good thing you have done today (for somebody else).

What can you improve tomorrow?

Name 3 wonderful things you have experienced today.

The first of them helps you to keep it mind how important it is to do good things for other people – but it also makes you happy to remember that you have done something good. Question number two helps you to realize that there’s always room for improvement but also that it’s – again – always up to you. The third of these „questions“ is my favorite – since it helps you to see something beautiful in every day. It’s always about the little things, isn’t it? And this way we learn to appreciate them more and more.

I love to answer these things in a handwritten way. To me it’s way more beautiful and personal than a digital version could ever be. Besides that I kinda feel like this LAMY studio makes one’s handwriting look so pretty. What do you guys think? Have you ever tried something like this? Do you maybe have a similar habit? And how do you like the LAMY studio Aquamarine? xx, Anna

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In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Lamy (sponsored Post).

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