Beauty products Instagram made me wanna have and if they’re worth the money


Do you know that feeling of seeing a beauty product on Instagram, thinking that you desperately need it in your life and you splurge and spend a fortune on a nail polish, concealer or a brush? I did it a hundred times and here’s an honest résumee of beauty products Instagram made me wanna have and which ones are really worth the money…

December Giveaway w/ Douglas: Saint Laurent, Benefit, Shiseido,Cloud Nine, Guerlain, Kiehls

littlefashionfox-douglas-giveaway-gewinnspiel-yves-saint-laurent-kiehls-benefit-guerlain-shiseido-6Slowly I am getting into that Christmas mood and for all the kindness you guys always spread on my blog and my social media channels, I wanted to give something back to you. So I teamed up with Douglas and chose my personal favorite products from their online shop for a special pre-Christmas giveaway for you guys! I picked them consciously, choosing products I personally trust and love. Here they are!



The older I get, the more I tend to just deeply enjoy the very simple things in life: spending evenings in the park or by the lake with my friends, having ice cream breaks with my girls, listening to our favorite songs in the car (as loud as possible) and spending quality time with my family. Yes, I am a person who loves to have lots of adventures in my life – but if you’d ask me to define pure bliss: I’d answer that it’s all about these little perfect moments, nothing more and nothing less. For its twin fragrance s.Oliver FOR HER & FOR HIM the brand intended to capture these little moments of pure bliss and of carefree happy quality time. To me the fragrance FOR HER smells exactly like a warm summer day in the park, so fresh, so bloomy, so light and warm at the same time. By the way, my favorite flowers, roses and peonies, are part of the heart note – I love! This might be another reason why this fragrance reminds me of such a pretty summer day park scenario – sitting outside on a blanket with my favorite people. Life is about moments, life is about enjoying and life is about being with people you love. Well… what are your personal simple, yet so perfect moments in life? I’m excited to hear about them! xx, Anna

Stockholm FW Make up Look w/ Yves Rocher

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For fashion week I definitely like my makeup to be easy-going and a little special at the same time. For the current Stockholm Fashion Week Jenny and I teamed up with Yves Rocher and created two different make up looks! You can find hers here! I wanted my make up to have a little bit of that Scandinavian touch, including nude shades and lots of highlighter. I chose the DUO POUDRE ILLUMINATRICE for highlighting and contouring  – and I totally love the shimmery highlighter, which creates a pretty natural glow. For my eye makeup I chose two different eyeshadow colors as well as the brown CRAYON REGARD and the MASCARA VERTIGE LONGUEUR. In my opinion it totally matches that shiny look of the highlighter.

For my make up I also chose the PURE LIGHT Fond de Teint Cushion foundation that I’ve been using for quite some time now, I totally love it! The concealer is one of my favorites, too – it helps to perfectly mask dark circles and little skin irritations and makes you look super fresh! For my lips I chose the Grand Rouge. How do you guys like my makeup? Stay tuned for more SFW excitement!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry & Blush Review


Hand aufs Herz, eigentlich ist es für mich überhaupt nicht möglich, meine Haare auch nur einen einzigen Tag lang nicht zu waschen, weil sie direkt am zweiten Tag schon ‚ungewaschen‘, unschön glänzend und platt aussehen. Selbst im Zopf sieht es dann manchmal schon nicht mehr gut aus – und um ehrlich zu sein, mag ich Bad Hair Days einfach gar nicht. Ich kann dann regelrecht fühlen, wie mein Selbstbewusstsein schwindet. Tägliches Waschen ist aber manchmal zeitlich auch einfach nicht drin, vor allem wenn ich beispielsweise nach einem Flug oder einer langen Anreise schnell zu einem Termin muss – oder es sonst irgendwie knapp wird. Also muss eine andere Lösung her. Was Trockenshampoo angeht, waren meine Erfahrungen bislang aber nicht unbedingt positiv, vor allem weil die meisten Produkte, die ich bisher getestet hatte, eher einen unschönen, weiß-grauen Film auf den Haaren zurückgelassen haben.

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich bei einer Freundin schon ein Trockenshampoo aus der Serie von Batiste getestet und war auf Anhieb wirklich happy: meine Haare sahen wie frisch gewaschen aus, ich hatte keinen weiß-grauen Schleier auf den Haaren und auch die Haarstruktur fühlte sich gut und angenehm weich an! Nun konnte ich einen genaueren Blick auf die Duftvarianten Blush und Cherry werfen und liebe beide, wobei Cherry mein absoluter Liebling ist. Es riecht extrem fruchtig, ist aber gleichzeitig nicht zu süß. Aber auch Blush ist toll und erinnert mit seinem floralen Duft definitiv an den Frühling!
Batiste Trockenshampoos  Trockenshampoo 200.0 mlBatiste Trockenshampoos  Trockenshampoo 50.0 mlBatiste Trockenshampoos  Trockenshampoo 200.0 mlBatiste Trockenshampoos  Trockenshampoo 200.0 mlBatiste Trockenshampoos  Trockenshampoo 200.0 ml

My beauty favorites during fashion week


Especially when it comes to fashion week, beauty stuff has to be convenient to me, since you cannot take everything with you, you don’t have as much time and besides that, let’s be honest, you wanna look good and feel comfortable in your own skin. Today I’m sharing my current beauty favorites with you – and they’re all super convenient, I promise.

essie Lilatöne Nr. 40 - Demeure Vixen Nagellack 13.5 mlZOEVA Augen  Pinselset 1.0 stJo Malone London Colognes  Eau de Cologne (EdC) 30.0 mlMAC Lippenstift Velvet Teddy Lippenstift 3.0 gZOEVA Wangen  Rouge 1.0 st