Feeling good w/ Braxfashion in Berlin


This blogpost personally means a lot to me. Simply because it is very personal – and very honest. Braxfashion’s campaign with the message ‚Feel good‘ is one that I believe to be very important, which is why I truly loved this collaboration. Feeling good in your clothes and your own skin is one of the most important things ever. Well.. here are my personal thoughts about that message…

Thomas Sabo Shopping App & my favorite jewelry statement looks


Good Morning, loves!… Let’s be real, for me coffee or tea wouldn’t be as good without sugar, evenings on my couch wouldn’t be the same without my favorite blanky and a good outfit wouldn’t be as good without the right jewelry. I wear my jewelry EVERY DAY – my favorite necklaces, bracelets or rings must be with me all the time. Let me take a second for a little confession: I deeply truly (!) love jewelry shopping, which is also why I love the Thomas Sabo Shopping App *.

Gift idea: Baldessarini Cool Force – separates the men from the boys

Baldessarini-Separates-the-men-from-the-boys-launch-Littlefashionfox-1Easter is coming and to be honest, finding a present for the men of the family is always the hardest part for me. How about you? What kind of presents do you get for your dad, boyfriend or brother? In case that you haven’t had an idea yet, I might have a good one for you! Baldessarini Fragrances has launched their new fragrance ‚Cool Force‘. Seriously, there are only a few perfumes for men that could ever really convince me but this one is for sure one of them: they call it ’separating the men from the boys‘, and this is absolutely true, since it smells totally fresh, masculine and modern, due to the fact that its ingredients are bergamot, cedar, myrtle, pachouli, cardamom and neroli. You can find out more about it here. What shall I say? I love it! And to me, it’s an amzing gift idea (by the way, I like the smell of their shower gel just as much), because it’s something you cannot go wrong with. No matter if we’re talking about your boyfriend, dad or brother – a fragrance is something they can actually use – and it might always remind them of you, when they use it. This is always the most important to me, giving gifts that are thoughful. What do you think? And have you already gotten your Easter gifts together? Kisses from Miami, Anna

Coffee is life : my week with Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Littlefashionfox-Nescafé-Dolce-Gusto-Coffee-Machine-Eclipse-6Coffee is life. And without it I would probably not be half as productive as I am with it. Basically I would miss it more than any other drink… Why? Because I do not only need my coffee in the morning. There’s much more to it. Recently I got the opportunity to test the Eclipse machine by Nescafé Dolce Gusto – something I was really excited about, because I had always loved this one for its futuristic design. What shall I say? I am more than happy with it, since this coffee brewer is not just stylish but also super easy to handle. Today I am sharing my personal coffee routine with you guys – as well as my favorite coffee capsules, that you really should not miss out on.

When I get up, I  need my extra large Cappuccino to wake up, to get out of bed and to make my way into the office. When I am really tired and have been working late, I sometimes go for a Lungo or a Lungo Intenso by Nescafé Dolce Gusto, extra large as well of course. The same holds true for when I have to get up at 3 o’clock at night (since I always take the plane at 7 o’clock) – this is my really big dose of caffeine and it helps perfectly!

My favorite trend pieces winter 2017


New year, new trends? Well, most winter trends have already emerged in 2016 and even if I am not a person to follow every trend, there are lots of them that I simply adore. Hence, I decided to share my favorite trends for winter and spring 2017 with you guys. I am excited to hear how you like them.



Here’s a new Interior Monday from Paris, my loves! Our Apartment is simply gorgeous and when we came in, we were literally speechless. The view is absolutely amazing, we can see the Eiffel tour and basically whole Paris. But inside the apartment is furnished perfectly as well. Everything is black and white, we have the most beautiful tiles in our kitchen and we even have a swing in front of our big window! As I already told you, we went shopping at the Champs Élysées the other day and I got a little something at Saint Laurent: my favorite quilted card holder. By the way, to find out what Rabea got, just check her blog! Kisses from Paris!


Valentino Lock

littlefashionfox-valentino-lock2Schon länger hatte ich ein Auge auf die Valentino Lock geworfen, aber leider nie die perfekte Farbe und Größe gefunden, bis ich vor einiger Zeit hier bei Monnierfreres dieses Schätzchen sah. Sonntag Abend habe ich sie dann endlich bestellt, weil ich rausfand, dass man diesen Monat sogar noch richtig sparen konnte. Das Beste: Das gilt natürlich auch für euch (bei Neuanmeldung 10%)! Ich muss sagen, ich hab mich dann natürlich gleich doppelt gefreut…

                              Valentino Tasche Small Shoulder Bag Lock géométriqueValentino Tasche Small Shoulder Bag LockValentino Tasche B-Rockstud StripesValentino Sac Small Schultertasche Lock