Interior Monday #27: home story part II – small space solutions


In today’s Interior Monday I decided to share a small space solution with you guys, which is one of my favorite corner’s of my apartment though. This wall is part of my office, which I am going to share with you in another post. When I moved in, it was completely plain, white and there was not much decor either.. for some reason I went for gold (even if I am usually more a ’silver-type-of-person‘) and combined it with some of my favorite frames, that I got at Juniqe. The container is from Kartell and my plants are from Ikea. What do you think about that small space solution? xx, Anna

KARTELL - BEHÄLTER AUS METALL Palm Leaves 1 - AcrylglasbildSanta Maria della Salute - Premium Poster gerahmtGlasglocke mit Boden schwarz, H:30 cmBlumentopf „Adelphi“ aus Metall

Interior Monday #26: my new home, home story part I


Guys, get prepared, for a short but very personal blogpost. But here are some things I kinda wanted to share with you… In the last two months a lot has changed in my life, basically since I have returned from the US. I really didn’t expect any of this but I could not be happier. Sometimes I catch myself staring into space, smiling and realizing how blessed I feel. Approximately one week after coming back home to Germany, I had an appointment with my real estate broker and honestly, I did not expect anything. I did not expect that I would madly fall in love with this apartment and with the most amazing view I have from two out of three rooms (that you cannot see in these pictures, but I swear it is just adorable). This apartment is just perfect. I could not feel more at home. Well.. I did not just fall in love with my apartment. And my new home is not the only change in my life, not the only thing I did not expect after coming back home to Germany. Everything happened so fast, I could hardly believe it. But I am happily taken. Might be another reason why I catch myself staring into space, smiling. xx, Anna

Muuto - Compose Sofa, 2-Sitzer, remix 123 / eicheKissen, Tom Tailor, »Small Squares« (1 Stück)Bloomingville Dekoration  Vase 1.0 stIMPRESSIONEN living Kuhfell, Naturprodukt, grauKoziol - Milano Zeitungsständer, weiß

Coffee is life : my week with Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Littlefashionfox-Nescafé-Dolce-Gusto-Coffee-Machine-Eclipse-6Coffee is life. And without it I would probably not be half as productive as I am with it. Basically I would miss it more than any other drink… Why? Because I do not only need my coffee in the morning. There’s much more to it. Recently I got the opportunity to test the Eclipse machine by Nescafé Dolce Gusto – something I was really excited about, because I had always loved this one for its futuristic design. What shall I say? I am more than happy with it, since this coffee brewer is not just stylish but also super easy to handle. Today I am sharing my personal coffee routine with you guys – as well as my favorite coffee capsules, that you really should not miss out on.

When I get up, I  need my extra large Cappuccino to wake up, to get out of bed and to make my way into the office. When I am really tired and have been working late, I sometimes go for a Lungo or a Lungo Intenso by Nescafé Dolce Gusto, extra large as well of course. The same holds true for when I have to get up at 3 o’clock at night (since I always take the plane at 7 o’clock) – this is my really big dose of caffeine and it helps perfectly!

Interior Monday #20

littlefashionfox-interior-monday-office-reveal27Anther Monday, another bunch of interior pictures! And I promise, there will be tons of them following… Last week I received a parcel by Juniqe I was waiting for with the loveliest prints ever (there are more of them and I will show you the rest in another post). I think they just fit into our apartment so perfectly but I will let the photos do most of the talking here. What do you guys think?

Sessel, Acapulco, outdoorgeeignet, Retro Look, Stahlgestell von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - WeißSchaffell, Naturprodukt, Unikat, Echtfell von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - GrauBUTLERS BOW StandleuchteBUTLERS PLANKS CouchtischFink Tablett KALAS

Interior Monday #18


1) Ray and Eames Vitra Chairs // 2) Marble cutting board on SALE // 3) Diptyque lotion // 4) Ottoman towel // 5) Copper drop light by Frandsen // 6) Acapulco chair by Impressionen // 7) Bloomingville basket // 8) Light Bow by Butlers // 9) Parfum d’interieurs by Diptyque 10) Grey sheep skin by Impressionen

Less than two weeks left until the big day. As you can probably imagine, I’m currently pretty obsessed with getting everything ordered in time and here are some of my recent favorites. Actually I have been craving these super beautiful Vitra Chairs for years now and yesterday I finally pressed the button ‚Place Order‘! Can’t wait for them to arrive! The same holds true for the Acapulco chair. But surprise, surprise, I ordered it in black. Especially in our living-room black is going to be one of the main colors but I am sure that it will look great. What do you guys think of what I’ve picked? Happy Monday!
Marmor-Brett, schnittfest, Marmor und Holz von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING -Sessel, Acapulco, outdoorgeeignet, Retro Look, Stahlgestell von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - Weißdiptyque ÉMULSION VELOURSDeckenleuchte, Metall von FRANDSEN - MetallBloomingville Schale 'Diamond' weiß


Favorites-Littlefashionfox-new-Home-.png1) Treasure light by Sygns // 2) True Religion jeans by Jades24 // 3) Love x Style x Life book via Anthropologie // 4) basket by Bloomingville // 5) Diptyque via Jades24 // 6) shirtdress via Jades24 // 7) Frends headphones via Jades24 // 8) Kenzo tshirt via Jades24 // 9) black pineapple via Impressionen // 10) golden desk lamp via Impressionen

I couldn’t be any happier about finally sharing today’s news with you guys! Number 1: My better half found us a new home – and it’s absolutely, absolutely, absolutely perfect. Super light, big rooms and a huge balcony to celebrate and hang out outside all summer long! Number 2: We’re already moving in two (!) weeks. Actually I’m not mentally prepared at all. We haven’t even odered a kitchen or a bed yet. But who cares? It’ll be perfect anyway. Just the two of us – ordering pizza and painting walls. So currently we’re spending the weekends pretty casually: strolling through furniture stores wearing jeans and tees, our perfect weekend attire. By the way, I’m so in love with the perfect Sunday that I found at Jades24. And of course I’m hunting super cool interior stuff all the time: how cool is this pineapple by the way?!

Bloomingville Schale 'Diamond' bronzeLove X Style X LifeDeko-Ananas, mattes Finish, Polyresin von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - SchwarzTravel Tag WhiteTischleuchte, Quatrefoil-Design, edel von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - Weiß

Interior Monday #16


1. Impressionen desk lamp // 2. black retro chair // 3. black Diptyque candle // 4. Givenchy bag // 5. Tory Burch sweater on SALE //  6. Vitra rocking chair // 7.Impressionen silver ceiling lights on SALE // 8. black globe // 9. Jimmy Choo pumps

I hope all of you had a great Valentine’s Day? We spent the day making serious apartment plans! As some of you maybe already know, we’re currently looking for a new home. Unfortunately it has turned out to be a little harder than I thought to find something we’re really happy with. But as long as we’re still looking for the perfect new apartment, I’m working on picking some interior favorites. For some reason the office is really important to me, probably because it’s where I spend most of my time. By now, I know that I want it to be spacious and white – with some silver and black accents though. For example I’m definitely a fan of this black globe! Besides that I’m so into Acapulco chairs – so why not getting another black chair in a similar style for the office? Maybe my office wardrobe also needs a little upgrade: well… what about these beautiful Jimmy Choos and this Tory Burch sweater (which is currently even on SALE)?

Stuhl, Retro Look, Metall, Naturrattan von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - SchwarzKreidetafel im GlobusdesignTory Burch - Strickpullover aus Merinowollediptyque FEU DE BOISSchaukelstuhl, Eames Rocking Chair RAR, Ahorn, Metall, Polypropylen von VITRA - Weiß

Interior Monday #14

interior-monday-14.jpg1. Armchair by Impressionen // 2. Porter Magazine // 3. secretary by Impressionen // 4. scented candle by Jo Malone // 5. Louis Ghost chair by Kartell  // 6. silver clip // 7. glass dome // 8. silver desk lamp // 9. &-sign

Offen und ehrlich gesagt, in jüngster Vergangenheit bin ich etwas Einrichungs-verrückt geworden: meine meist geklickte Seite ist laut Google Zara Home und sogar der Kauf von neuen Handtüchern stimmt mich über die Maßen euphorisch…

Tischleuchte, modern von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - GrauDeko-Zeichen, &, Metall von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING -Stuhl, Retro Look, Metall, Naturrattan von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - SchwarzPORTER – Zwölfte Ausgabe, Winter Escape 2015 – UK EditionBUTLERS DOME Glasglocke

Interior Monday #13

littlefashionfox-interior-monday-monochrome-3.jpgWas das Thema Inneneinrichtung & Deko anbelangt, gilt für mich im Grund immer „weniger ist mehr“. Weniger Farbe, dafür mehr schwarz und weiß. Das möchte ich in der neuen Wohnung auf jeden Fall umsetzen, aber bis dahin muss ich mich wohl damit begnügen, im alten Zuhause schonmal damit anzufangen. Allzu lange muss ich ja ohnehin nicht mehr abwarten. Ich finde, die Kombi aus schwarz und weiß in Innenräumen muss keinesfalls trist, steril oder unbelebt aussehen. Ganz im Gegenteil: durch die Ergänzung von metallischen Elementen, sei es gold, kupfer oder silber (definitiv mein neuer Favorit, dank meinem neuen Lieblings-Beistelltisch)  sieht es irgendwie besonders und edel aus… Damit der ganze Raum allerdings nicht zu dunkel wirkt, sollte eher weiß die Basis bilden und schwarz nur in einzelnen Elementen auftauchen. Noch ein bisschen Deko dazu – fertig.
PORTER – Zwölfte Ausgabe, Winter Escape 2015 – UK EditionCouchtisch, rund, modern, Metall/Glas von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - GrauAlphabet-Duftkerze - Buchstabe „H“ - HBUTLERS DOME GlasglockeBild Parfüm, Parfüm von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - Orange

Interior Monday #12


1. Sidetable by Impressionen // 2. Voluspa scented candle // 3. Butlers blanket // 4. fuzzy socks by Butlers // 5. striped bed sheets // 6. bath robe on SALE // 7. Acapulco armchair  // 8. marble candle stick // 9. Alexa Chung sweater // 10. Butlers room scent // 11. marble cutting board on SALE

Wie ich euch vergangene Woche schon verraten habe, stehen dieses Jahr wirklich nicht viele Dinge auf meiner Wunschliste – es sei denn, es geht um das Thema ‚Wohnung‘. Immer und immer wieder fallen mir neue Dinge ein, die ich uuunbedingt brauche, weil das Frühjahr und damit das neue Zuhause ja auch immer näher rücken. Gerade habe ich vor allem alles Mögliche im Sinn, was die Wohnung besonders gemütlich machen soll: neben hübschen Kerzenhaltern (ist dieser hier in Marmoroptik nicht unglaublich schön?) zum Beispiel kuschlige Decken, Socken und alles, was ein tolles Zuhause sonst noch so braucht.

Marmor-KerzenhalterTopshop Bademantel whiteSessel, Acapulco, outdoorgeeignet, Retro Look, Stahlgestell von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING - WeißMarmor-Brett, schnittfest, Marmor und Holz von IMPRESSIONEN LIVING -BUTLERS HOME & SOUL Raumduft 'Jasmine Fields'