Hotel Review Eden au Lac Zürich

Eden-Au-Lac-Littlefashionfox-Hotel-Review2.JPGAs you guys might know I got to spend some days in Zürich last week and I definitely had an amazing time. There I stayed at the Eden Au Lac Hotel (Utoquai 45, 8008 Zürich) , an incredibly beautiful hotel right next to the lake in Zürich, so you can imagine that the view was totally amazing. But before I start telling you about all the things I loved about the Eden Au Lac, I wanted to share some facts about it though.

The Eden Au Lac is a member of the Swiss Deluxe Hotels and a traditional 5 star luxury hotel near the Opera in Zürich and of course as said before the lake. It is very close to the Christmas market at the Bellevue, which is for sure a must see during winter time. Built in 1909, almost all rooms and suites at the Eden Au Lac have been furnished individually and incorporate a classic design and some royal colors.

Zürich w/ Lacoste


I am saying hi from beautiful and pretty cold Zürich – I have so much love for this city and I try to come here as often as possible. In my opinion Switzerland has so much to offer and Zürich is totally amazing, especially during winter time. Recently I teamed up with Lacoste to show you my favorite things to do here when you are in Zürich for 24 hours. Here they are!

Zürich Bound

littlefashionfox-zürich-weekend-look-9xHi from Zurich, my loves! Before all the fashion week craziness is going to take over next week, we decided to fly to Zurich for the perfect weekend getaway, as you’ve probably already seen on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. I haven’t been here before, but the city reminds me a little of Oslo and I fell in love with it the moment we arrived. But not only the city is super beautiful – especially our hotel has proven to be a very special place, that has totally made us feel at home. In the next couple days I’ll share tons of pictures of it with you, so stay tuned!

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