Foodguide for Superfood & Co in Cologne / Dusseldorf


Spotting great food stores (and especially superfood stores) is always information to be shared. Hence, I decided to share my personal top 4 food stores around Cologne and Dusseldorf with you guys. You definitely have to try all of them!

The Great Berry in Cologne

A cute superfood-Deli right in the heart of the Belgium Quarter in Cologne (Limburgerstraße 18) serving acai, smoothie and salad bowls as well as really good smoothies – and of course avocado toast! Not to forget, their coffee is definitely recommendable, too. Especially the options for toppings are endless there, so I promise it’ll be tough to make decisions. You can find their Instagram account here.


Wonderwaffel in Cologne

Not really a Superfood store, but for sure a super food store: Wonderwaffel (Kalker Hauptstraße 55 or Hohenstaufenring 78 – both in Cologne). I think I will let the waffel do most of the talking here, because – yes, they’re quite amazing. Of course I chose Nutella, what else?


Greetrees The Juicery in Dusseldorf

The best address for super super super amazing banana bread (!!) and of course good smoothie bowls: Münsterstraße 149 in Dusseldorf. The store is really cute and their maxim TYBLAT (treat your body like a temple) is one I like as well. Find their Instagram account here.


Laura’s Deli in Dusseldorf

A superfood store located at the Carlsplatz in Dusseldorf, which serves urban natural food and drinks (salad bowls, sweet bowls, avocado toast, pancakes and Co). Not to forget: their motto ‚You gotta risk it to get the biscuit‘ totally caught me at first sight.

4 thoughts on “Foodguide for Superfood & Co in Cologne / Dusseldorf

  1. Eine super schöne Auswahl Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Montag Liebes!
    Liebst Kathi

  2. So sweet I got to share three of the four tipps with you 😉 Somehow we always manage to eat way too much. But who can blame us if the food’s soooo good 🙂

    xo Rabea


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