My travel essentials and 8 ways to make traveling comfier

littlefashionfox-travel-essentials-x-3.JPGAll of us know it – flights can feel endless, long drives can be uncomfortable and sometimes you are just totally done afterwards. Regardless of what you do or where you are going, we all want to feel good when arriving at our destination and also while traveling. Hence, I am sharing eight ways to make travels more comfortable. xx, Anna

Frends TAYLOR Kopfhörer silver/whiteKenzo - Logo-SweaterLove x Style x Life - MehrfarbigJo Malone London Colognes  Eau de Cologne (EdC) 30.0 mlChloé - Schultertasche Faye Small aus Veloursleder

1. Put on some happy music for flying / driving. It’ll make you feel better instantly. Favorite headphones by Frends!

2. Always have your make up and beauty essentials (with a little mirror) with you. A little fresh up never hurt nobody.

3. Same holds true for your favorite fragrance, deo and hand lotion: it’s all about fresh ups.

4. Find the comfiest pullover ever (nothing could be more perfect for little naps on the plane).

5. Use the time for getting inspired: read your favorite magazine, a good book or flip through your favorite blogs (when you have wifi).

6. Wear something chic AND comfortable: what about this super cute Kenzo sweater?

7. Take warm socks. Wearing shoes in planes is for rookies only. ; )

8. Always have an external phone charger with you (I could never travel without my phone).  Marble Iphone skin by Richmond and Finch.


14 thoughts on “My travel essentials and 8 ways to make traveling comfier

  1. Guten Morgen liebe Anna,
    Ich lese gerade deinen Blog aus dem Zug und selbstverständlich höre ich dabei schöne Musik 😉 Nur die coolen Kopfhörer von Frends besitze ich leider noch nicht. Die schöne Handyhülle habe ich sogar auch <3
    Und auch ansonsten sind deine Tipps super! Nichts geht über einen kuscheligen Pullover und warme Socken 😉
    Liebst Kathi

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