Thomas Sabo Shopping App & my favorite jewelry statement looks


Good Morning, loves!… Let’s be real, for me coffee or tea wouldn’t be as good without sugar, evenings on my couch wouldn’t be the same without my favorite blanky and a good outfit wouldn’t be as good without the right jewelry. I wear my jewelry EVERY DAY – my favorite necklaces, bracelets or rings must be with me all the time. Let me take a second for a little confession: I deeply truly (!) love jewelry shopping, which is also why I love the Thomas Sabo Shopping App *.

I might not be the person sitting on the couch doing online shopping but I love to have the option to shop things I like while I’m on the go (bus, train, airplane or even while I’m in line for grocery shopping). So to me apps are a very convenient option. The Thomas Sabo App works pretty simple: it looks similar to their website, you can find products after categories, there’s all the product information you need and you can even save products to your wish list without any registration (this is something I really like!!). The app is of course available for iPhone* and Android. *

Not to forget – here are my current favorite Thomas Sabo jewelry pieces: aren’t these necklaces so cute? And the Fatima hand is just adorable! By the way, going back to what I said in the beginning of this post: outfits are not as good without the matching jewelry, right? In my opinion something would be missing here.. What do you guys think? xx, Anna


In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Thomas Sabo (sponsored Post).

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