My office with Nescafé Dolce Gusto


Anzeige: Basically the last weeks have helped me to establish a little routine at the Gold Content office. What shall I say? It’s a whole lot of work but most of the work doesn’t even feel like that. Still, organization is almost everything to me and most days I start getting a little workload overview for the day, writing to do lists and having a little me time moment drinking coffee. Currently my new favorite coffee is the Absolute Origin MEXICO GRANDE by Nescafé Dolce Gusto. These little moments are truly always the calm before the storm.

Hotel Review Hideaway Villas Bali


Unfortunately I am writing these lines from Germany and not from Bali – cause I can’t describe how much I miss it. This also holds true for our time at the Hideaway Villas Bali, such a dreamy and wonderful place, where we spent such an amazing time. Hence, I really wanted to share my personal highlights from our stay with you guys…

Office reveal w/ Lamy


Anzeige: Guys, it’s difficult to find the words describing how happy this makes me feel and it kind of feels like I have been waiting for this moment forever… we moved into the new office for my agency GOLD CONTENT by the beginning of last week and even if not all furniture has arrived yet (don’t they say: good things take time?), I already love this office so much. Hence, I am super excited to share these first office sneak peeks with you guys – together with Lamy. 

To be honest, I wanted to have little golden details everywhere at the office which is also why I immediately fell in love with this super pretty Lamy Lx.  It perfectly matches the rest of my office and especially because I love to handwrite notes, I needed pretty stationary stuff as well as pens and biros. But finding those was actually not quite easy until I discovered these pretty ones by Lamy. By the way, for those of you, who are really into neon colors this season – how do you like the Lamy pico ? It’s super convenient since you simply expand it and it actually fits into every tiniest bag or pocket. For those of you who prefer classy pens, the Lamy aion might be the perfect choice. It writes super smoothly – plus it looks really elegant.

I really hope that this little feeling of excitement that I currently have every morning, coming through the door of this office, will last for a little while. Even though my last weeks have been pretty stressful, this wonderful feeling is still there (and I am not ready to let it go yet…).

By the way- how do you like the office and my beloved neon sign? xx, Anna

Hotel Review: Jamahal Private Resort & Spa Bali

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Anzeige: We just came back from Bali – and I already miss it SO MUCH. We had the best time ever and I can promise you that I will keep spamming with Bali content for a little while. Both Chris and I fell for this beautiful island and one of our highlights was truly the time at the Jamahal Private Resort & Spa. I feel like the pictures can speak best for themselves. However, I wanted to share the things with you that I loved most about the hotel.

My travel essentials with Annemarie Börlind


Anzeige: When I travel, I always only take a few beauty products because I try to travel as light as possible. Hence, the ones I am taking with me, need to be super effective – they have to be the ones that make me feel a lot more relaxed and my skin feel super fresh. Today I am sharing my current travel favorites by Annemarie Börlind with you guys – they are little SOS helpers on planes, in hotels with air conditions and also when my skin has gotten a lot of sun…



Anzeige: Honestly, I have been waiting for this day FOR SO LONG. The last couple years it has been something I truly wanted to do… and in the beginning it was rather an abstract idea which became more and more concrete, until I finally came to a point where I decided to go for that dream of mine. This might sound pretty simple – but actually it was the most demanding thing I have done in my entire life so far.

I remember an afternoon with my mom talking about this and that and sipping my favorite Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato. During our conversation it kind of happened that I made the final decision to give all of this – meaning the dream I was talking about – a try. I finished my coffee and for a second I was on cloud nine thinking about my future office and everyday work life (this might already give you a little hint what they big news might be). Let’s be real – I had absolutely NO CLUE what to expect.




Anzeige: As most of you will know – traveling (literally) means the world to me. I love to travel as much as I can and whenever I am home I always find myself dreaming of the next destination. I guess this is one of the reasons why I immediately fell for the Wanderlust collection by Zauberwerk. Another reason is obviously the really pretty design. It’s definitely my favorite Zauberwerk collection so far – but all of their tableware is simply beautiful. What do you guys think of my new fave mugs? (By the way, another reason why I love them so much is that they have the perfect size for a really big morning coffee!) Have a great weekend! I should better start packing for the next journey now! xx, Anna

My travel wishlist


Anzeige: knitwear: Edited via Peek & Cloppenburg //bralette: Peek & Cloppenburg// travel bag: Mansur Gavriel // jogging pants: Calvin Klein via Peek & Cloppenburg // hand lotion: Byredo

Anzeige: Currently there are basically two big topics on my mind: „project X“ as I like to call it which will be revealed pretty soon as well as Chris and my journey to Singapore, Malaysia and Bali in March. Thinking of this journey and planning every detail makes me truly happy. Needless to say – it’s going to be a long flight and being comfortable while flying is incredibly important to me (maybe because I’ve had too many uncomfortable flights). Of course feeling comfy starts with the right outfit – it needs to be cozy, perfect for snuggling up yet a little stylish, cause even if you feel good you do not want to look like you’re wearing pyjamas, right? I truly fell in love with this Edited knit wear that I found at Peek & Cloppenburg. I simply love the beige color and the hood – PLUS it’s partly cashmere! Besides that a pretty travel bag in which you can store everything is super important, too. I adore this brown one by Mansur Gavriel. Additionally I might really need those super stylish Calvin Klein jogging pants (aren’t they so cool?!) – also found them online at Peek & Cloppenburg. What do you guys think about my flight favorites? And have you ever been to Bali? xx, Anna

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