My time management w/ Lacoste

littlefashionfox-lacoste-time-management-watch-4For today’s post I teamed up with Lacoste, wearing the new beautiful Lacoste Valencia watch. As I told you some time ago, time management is one of my biggest issues in this job. It’s something I really struggle with from time to time. So let’s talk heart to heart: I do not have a regular daily work life and I truly miss it. When I travel, everything is fine. Getting up in the morning is the easiest thing ever, I literally jump out of bed, I have lots of motivarion to get work done and I love it. Well.. but there are also those days, where I’m only doing office stuff and bureaucracy. Of course you can’t have everything and tasks simply needs to be accomplished, so I had to figure out some time management strategies that help me deal with the situation in terms of finding motivation and getting things done. Here are my personal motivational tips that are highly effective to get myself going again!


Ways to get motivated when you’re truly not feeling it:

1. Have some coffee. And some more coffee. And more coffee.

2. Put on some happy music. Especially for editing pictures and of course during short breaks this really helps me to find some motivation.

3. Keep the to-do-lists achievable. When I see a to-do-list with more than 20 points, I rather feel like running away. If you keep them shorter, you rather feel like you can achieve everything you wanted to and sometimes it feels really good, when you achieve even more than expected.

4. Focuse on the outcome. And be proud afterwards, that’s allowed.

5. Meet friends in the breaks. I need to see my friends every day, otherwise I’d get pretty lonely in this job I guess.

What are your tips for self-motivation? I’m excited to hear what you guys do! xx, Anna


wearing: jeans Zara // sweater: H&M // watch: Valencia by Lacoste

In liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Lacoste (sponsored Post).

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