Hotel Review: Hyatt Hotel du Louvre, Paris

Littlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-11.JPGEven if my last trip to Paris was way too short, it was pretty special though. One thing that made it so special was our amazing stay at the Hyatt Hotel du Louvre.

When I heard that the hotel is being renovated, I did not really know what to expect, to be honest, but I absolutely fell in love with this adorable place. Every detail, their service, all the kindness and the amazing location totally convinced me. But before I start talking about all the things I loved, I wanna let the pictures do most of the talking here..Littlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-4.jpgLittlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-6Littlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-8Littlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-7.jpgLittlefashionfox-Hyatt-Paris-Hotel-du-Louvre-Hotel-Review-14.jpg


The friendly staff: Everybody at the Hyatt Paris was not just extremely friendly but also totally cheerful and good-humored and their service was excellent, also speaking for the hotel’s restaurant.

The breakfast: As you might know, this is my favorite meal of the day. The breakfast at the beautiful restaurant of the Hotel du Louvre in Paris was just amazing. They serve the best pancakes, croissants and the most amazing orange juice.

The location: This hotel is not just right in the city centre of Paris and super close to the Louvre (1 minute) but also right next to the Palais Royal and Colonnes de Buren (2 Rue de Montpensier) – not even 30 seconds of walking. One more tip: right next to the Hotel du Louvre, there’s a wonderful bookseller’s shop, which you can spot in one of the pictures.

The view from our room and our balconies: What could be prettier than looking at Parisian storefronts and Parisian streets from the fifth floor? Our room had even two beautiful balconies and we were totally amazed. I already miss this view!

The lobby and the restaurant: As you can see in the pictures, this lobby was absolutely adorable – and so was the restaurant. Lots of golden and red details, I simply loved it!

The style of the hotel: I really fell for the beautiful architecture of this Hyatt Hotel, it kinda looks like a castle. It is going to be renovated though and we already got a little sneak peek at the conversion plans. It is going to look absolutely awesome and I cannot wait to see it then!


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