Hotel Review: The Gates Key West


Take me back to Key West, please. This was probably one of the best trips ever, driving from Miami Beach down to Key West, staying at The Gates Hotel. I can totally recommend this place from the bottom of my heart and I would even go that far to put it on a life-goals-travel-bucket-list. Go there, guys. Don’t miss out on this. I fell for it and you will, too. Littlefashionfox-The-Gates-Hotel-Key-West-Hotel-Review-2.jpgLittlefashionfox-The-Gates-Hotel-Key-West-Hotel-Review-6.jpgLittlefashionfox-The-Gates-Hotel-Key-West-Hotel-Review-13Littlefashionfox-The-Gates-Hotel-Key-West-Hotel-Review-1.jpg

  • The lobby: Entering The Gates Key West I was pretty much impressed by this beautiful, perfectly furnished lobby. It is totally stylish yet a place to feel comfortable at the same time.


  • The location: The Gates Hotel is located pretty close to the ocean and the view is just gorgeous. It also only takes you a 5 minute ride to the beautiful parks by the ocean or the beach.


  • The friendly staff: They were not just super friendly but also totally cheerful and good-humored and helped us, wherever they could!


  • The rooms: This was for sure love at first sight! I slept like a baby in this super comfortable bed and I simply adore their modern but simple interior design. The rooms are totally spacious and nothing is left to be desired. Not to forget, their bathrooms are really cute as well. Sailor-style wherever you look!


  • The pool was one of my personal highlights as well, especially in the morning, when almost nobody was there: blue skies, palm trees, the clearest water – it just looked so dreamy.


  • The bar by the pool was so nice as well! We enjoyed evenings outside, we had the best view and their drinks are very good, too!


One thought on “Hotel Review: The Gates Key West

  • Was für ein Hotel! Ohhhh, da kann ich meinen eigenen Urlaub kaum noch abwarten! Und ich liebe dein tolles Shirt mit dem Melonen Print! So cooL!

    Liebst, Sarah-Allegra

    Gefällt mirGefällt mir


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