Beauty products Instagram made me wanna have and if they’re worth the money


Do you know that feeling of seeing a beauty product on Instagram, thinking that you desperately need it in your life and you splurge and spend a fortune on a nail polish, concealer or a brush? I did it a hundred times and here’s an honest résumee of beauty products Instagram made me wanna have and which ones are really worth the money…

littlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain.jpgYves Saint Laurent nail polish Nr 22 Beige Leger: I can still remember being 18, screenshotting pictures of Saint Laurent nail polish collections on Instagram. How pretty can nail polish be, please?! What I did not know back then, is that this one is really good as well and definitely worth the money. since it covers perfectly and the shade is totally timeless, it even lasts for at least 1,5 weeks.
Yves Saint Laurent Nagelmake-up Base Et Top Nagellack 10.0 mlYves Saint Laurent Nagelmake-up Nr.22 Beige Leger Nagellack 10.0 mlYves Saint Laurent Nagelmake-up Nagellack (10.0 ml)Yves Saint Laurent Nagelmake-up Nr.25 Rose Romantique Nagellack 10.0 mlYves Saint Laurent Nagelmake-up Dore Orfevre 29 Nagellack 10.0 ml littlefashionfox-giv8enchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain.jpgThis beauty product definitely changed my (eye brow) life. ; ) : the Mister Brow Filler by Givenchy, which keeps your brows in perfect shape. There’s no day that I don’t use it. Definitely worth the money!

Givenchy Les Saisons Poudre Bonne Mine: This is for sure my all time favorite bronzer! Not many words needed: I love it and I would always and forever recommend it.

Saint Laurent concealer Touche Éclat: Highly recommended on Instagram, the Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent: this concealer covers pretty well and it looks natural, that’s true, I still would not say that it’s the world’s best concealer, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth the hype.

Givenchy Augen-Make-up Nr. 1 - Brunette Augenbrauengel 5.5 gGuerlain Gesichts-Make-up Nr. 03 Medium Puder 25.0 gYves Saint Laurent Gesichtsmake-up Nr. 05 - Luminous Honey Concealer 2.5 mlGivenchy Augen-Make-up Nr. 2 - Blonde Augenbrauengel 5.5 gGivenchy Gesichts-Make-up Nr. 03 - Ambre Saison Puder 10.0 glittlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain2.jpglittlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain3.jpgGuerlain Météorites Pearls: I had seen this powder on Instagram a million times and all the time I thought: how special and pretty can powder be, please?! After testing it myself, I had to realize that it was not this special though.. The only thing that really amazed me about this beauty product was its smell, which is totally incredible! Love that! But besides that.. being honest, I would not pay this much for a powder, that only smells really good…

Givenchy L’Intemporel: let’s be real, this is splurging at its finest. But this face creme is just incredible! It smells absolutely amazing, looks gorgous, it smoothens lines and some even disappear. Probably it’s the best face creme I ever had and totally worth splurging.

Zoeva brushes: Haven’t all of us seen them on Instagram at least a million times? And I felt like lots of other girls, I guess: I HAD to have them. Honestly, Zoeva bruhes are really good, very precise and they last for a pretty long time. I would totally recommend the rouge brush, the make up brush and the brow brush, but I hardly use any others. littlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain4.jpglittlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain5littlefashionfox-givenchy-beauty-favorites-YSL-yves-saint-laurent-guerlain7.jpg

ZOEVA Gesichtspinsel  Pinselset 1.0 stZOEVA Gesichtspinsel  Rougepinsel 1.0 stZOEVA Augenpinsel  Pinselset 1.0 stGivenchy Globale Anti-Aging-Pflege  Gesichtscreme 50.0 mlZOEVA Augenpinsel  Pinselset 1.0 st


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8 thoughts on “Beauty products Instagram made me wanna have and if they’re worth the money

  1. Liebe Anna,

    toller Beitrag. Vielen Dank für Deine Ehrliche Meinung zu den Produkten. Bei einigen hatte ich mir auch schon überlegt, ob ich sie mir mal zulege. Jetzt weiß ich, bei welchen es sich nicht lohnt 🙂
    Ich hab immer das „Problem“, dass ich Taschen auf Instagram entdecke, die ich unbedingt haben muss 😉

    Liebe Grüße,


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