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littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-7.jpgAs you might have seen on our Instagram (or maybe you have even been there?) there was our first BLOG BOUTIQUE event in Düsseldorf last week. We invited you on Instagram and so many of you came, we could not even believe it! The location was definitely a dream, the Sturmfreie Bude in Düsseldorf, the view was simply amazing and I fell in love with their wonderful rooftop terrace. Well… who is ‚we‘? That was René from Renegaert, Lennart from Lennartmarlon, Jenny from Fashioncircuz, Verena from Verena Ahmann  and my favorite twins from Fashiontwinstinct. We teamed up with some wonderful brands, such as Maccosmetics, Ariane Ernst, Parfümerie Pieper, PARA CORD BRACELETS, Birdie & Co and LOOKABE. They had their own booths and so had we – selling lots of clothes and accessories, like a little fleamarket. We had a blast and everybody was in the best mood.

This event was also supported InStyle, CAP , BALLONI , Initielle and Babor – a huge thanks to all of you, but especially to Meli from Lookabe for the great organisation! < 3 xx, Anna littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-4.jpglittlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-5.jpglittlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-12.JPGlittlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-10littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-8.jpglittlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-9.jpglittlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-6littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-3littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-11littlefashionfox-blog-boutique-düsseldorf-1

Credit: Most of these pictures are taken by Jenn Werner. Thank you!

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