FMA New York : my NY highlights and favorite views


This city had been on my bucket list for SO LONG. Of course we had to play the tourists and visited the typical spots that most of you will know. In today’s post I wanted to share my personal favorite moments (and views) from my time in New York City with you guys, because there were some that really gave me goosebumps. Please put these places on YOUR NY bucket list!

New-York-NY-Conrad-Hotel-Review-Littlefashionfox81. Brooklyn Bridge (in the morning). Go there, when there aren’t that many people and you almost feel like having this bridge all for yourself. The view just absolutely amazed me – it was insane! Seeing all those skyscrapers, the water and these many cars made me feel so small. Most impressive view! Well… one thing that is still on my bucket list is riding my bike on Brooklyn Bridge, of course.. in the morning!


2. Talking about views. This one from the Conrad Hotel’s rooftop terrace was my second favorite one, since you just have to turn your head and you can switch from seeing the Statue of Liberty to seeing the One World Trade Center. This terrace is by the way a really wonderful place to relax, have some drinks and watch the world go by.


3. Views, views, views. All of you know this one, I am pretty sure. Honestly, before visiting the Top of the Rock in New York, I was not completely sure whether this one would be worth almost 40 dollars. It is priceless. Don’t ever hesitate to splurge on a view like that. By the way, it’s still on my bucket list to see this one at sunset so that’s what I’m gonna do next time!


4. Another kind of view, this pretty place in East Village (1st street between 1st and 2nd Avenue), namely a Graffiti Art Wall, was another personal highlight of mine. They have Beyonce walls, hearts and lots of other amazing pieces of art!

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